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Your money
without boundaries

Keep the real value of your money and more. We offer a simple, safe and cheap solution so that you can invest, send and receive money wherever you need. All in your smartphone.​​

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Your money without boundaries
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Your financial life at your fingertips

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  • Invest your money in digital assets.
  • Follow analysis and trends to track markets in real time.
  • Learn more with online courses and webinars.
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Save money
without losing

  • You will have access to USDC, EUR, Stellar and any other digital currency.
  • Secure, fast and service available 24/7.



Security in all transactions

Chronos Network guarantees the safety in every transaction, due to its level of encryption. Complies with Information and PII Data Security Standards.


A CVU for
each account

Chronos Pay brings together a bank account with an account for each user. All the information is avaiable online.


Integrated wallet

Manage all your digital assets as well as your traditional bank account in one single app, from your smartphone or website, fast and simple.

Sand clock

in seconds

Thanks to ChronosNetwork, you will be able to process payments and money transfers in seconds.


Available 24/07

Access anytime to your balances.

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How can I open
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